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Tow Guides at Big Daddy RVs

Welcome to Big Daddy RVs towing guide section. Here, you’ll find all our towing guides going back to 1999 in digital PDF format. Each digital guide is packed with setup tips, additional equipment, and a full list of the model year’s towing enabled vehicles. These guides will assist you in vehicle towing for your camper, RV, travel trailer, 5th Wheel, and more. You will learn about towing capacity, ratings, and more!

Downloadable Trailer Life Guides to Tow Vehicles - 1991 to present

Before you buy a fifth wheel, travel trailer, or other towable RV, make sure your vehicle can tow it. Find your vehicle in these helpful digital towing guides, and make sure you have the towing capacity to pull the new RV you are shopping for.

Towing Guide
One major aspect of buying a towable RV is finding out the tow rating of your current (or future) automobile. Pay close attention to the vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (generally found on a sticker inside the driver’s side door frame). This number is the maximum weight your vehicle should tow. It is important for your safety and enjoyment that your tow vehicle be adequately sized and equipped to tow and handle the GVWR of the RV you select. Big Daddy RVs recommends you do not exceed the GVWR of the trailer.

You don’t want to fall in love with an RV only to find out the RV is too heavy for your vehicle to safely tow. To help you find the right RV, please use our Vehicle Tow Rating Finder as well as our Glossary of Terms.

What’s the towing capacity of my automobile?

RV Dry Weight + Passenger’s Weight + Cargo + Liquids = Total Weight
Total weight must not exceed towing capacity.

Important: When using max towing capacity to determine which RVs your automobile can safely tow, remember that passenger weight, optional equipment, and additional cargo needs to be added into the equation. Do not exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity because doing so can affect your automobile’s stopping ability, handling, or possibly even damage the drivetrain. You should always obtain your tow vehicle’s trailer weight and trailer weight rating from the appropriate manufacturer before purchasing or towing a trailer and you are responsible for your purchase and operation of your tow vehicle and/or trailer.

RV Terms:

The weight of the RV without any Cargo, liquids or passengers. RV Manufacturers weigh new units before shipping them to Big Daddy RVs and record that weight as the Dry Weight. It is similar to Curb Weight for vehicles.

The combined weight of the RV (dry weight), plus Cargo, liquids or passengers.

The maximum allowable weight of an RV. The Gross Vehicle Weight should not exceed the RV’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

The weight placed on the hitch when the trailer is coupled to your automobile. The tongue weight should be 10-15% of the RV’s gross vehicle weight.

Automotive Terms:

The weight of the automobile without any Cargo, liquids or passengers (similar to Dry Weight for RVs).

The combined weight of the automobile (Curb Weight), plus Cargo, liquids or passengers, and, when towing an RV, the RV’s tongue weight.
Note: When towing an RV, the entire weight of the trailer is not considered to be part of the automobile’s Gross Vehicle Weight, but the tongue weight is part of the automobile’s Gross Vehicle Weight.
The maximum allowable weight of your automobile. The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), which includes the Tongue Weight of the attached RV, should not exceed your vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.
Generally, the manufacturer’s rating of the maximum gross weight limit of the loaded tow vehicle combined with the attached RV.
The manufacturer’s rating of the maximum weight limit that can safely be towed by your specific vehicle. Weight is calculated by adding the RV’s Gross Vehicle Weight with the weights of passengers, liquids or cargo in your vehicle.

We further recommend that you review the weight and rating of your tow vehicle and consult the manufacture of the vehicle for questions or advice. Additionally, once you have loaded your RV for camping, we recommend you weigh the tcamper to ensure it does not exceed the GVWR of the trailer.