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"Apples-for-Apples" Price Matching

We will match competitors current price "Apples-For-Apples"

We know things are tight for everyone right now. We also understand it's hard to find the time to shop endlessly for the best price. We want to take all the worry and make things easy on you.

Big Daddy RV's is prepared to meet or beat any competitor's price apples-for-apples if you find the same brand of camper, same model year, same floor plan with the same options as any competitors for the same price or lower. We value your business and our prices reflect our commitment to you.

Price matching is "Apples-For-Apples", same product for same product with same options on both products.

apples to apples

The qualifications of our Apples-For-Apples Program

  • Competitor's proposal must be within 30 days
  • You must be able to provide a paper copy of the proposal for verification prior to purchasing the camper.
  • There can be no additional discounts on the unit from the manufacturer.
  • Price matching is only done when purchasing a camper. (We cannot price match after the camper is sold.)
  • Competitor must be an authorized dealer of the camper you are purchasing.
  • No price matches with eBay or online auction houses or Facebook.
  • Shipping cannot be price matched.
  • You Must Finance with Big Daddy RVs.
  • Excludes clearance left overs, discontinued models, show pricing.
  • If Keystone or Forest River is offering an additional discounts that we are not aware of, we can not price match.
  • In 99% of the deals, Big Daddy RV's will be the lowest!

Customer must supply the following:

Current website URL, advertisement or competitor quote showing competitor's product that you wish to price match.

Blowout Pricing:

Sometimes we get bank incentives and we pass those along to our customers. In order to get those incentives you must finance with our banks.<.p>