RVing Tips and Tricks

1. Join RV Clubs

2. Always have wheel chocks, or blocks of wood or something to prevent your unit from rolling on its own.

3. Throw away the cheap sewer hose that came with your new rig, and buy yourself a really good one. Actually, buy two – a 10 footer and a 20 footer, and be sure that you have a connector that will connect them together, come that dark evening when the sewer connection is 29 feet away.

4. Always be SURE that the hose is SECURELY attached to the sewer outlet and EASE the valve open. Before you get excited and slam the valve full open, be sure that someone’s foot, or a heavy rock is holding down the other end.

5. Have your ‘significant other’ make it her job to ask you “Did you close both valves before you put the cap back on? Why don’t you check.”. If you are doing this solo, someday you will suddenly know why this is an important step.

6. Join Escapees & FMCA and learn from their magazines and rallies.

7. Get the rig weighed on the corners before and after loading it with your “stuff,” and do not exceed the GVWR.

8. Check age/condition of tires and check pressure before each drive. Do a walk around check of rig every couple-few hours, when you?re traveling.

9. Develop a check list for departure.

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