RV Satellite

With winter and cold weather coming up, I thought our camping days were about over with.  I knew my kids would drive me crazy stuck inside a camper with nothing to do.  My wife suggested would could take some DVDs and let them watch those.  I know my kids would get bored with that fast.  After watching a DVD once, they loose interest in it fast and I knew they wouldn’t sit there and watch them over and over.  I thought about just getting an RV antenna instead, but I knew that’d be a lot of work. Trying to find a signal to pick up a station in the woods under all the trees and stuff is almost impossible.  So,  I talked about it with some of my buddies to see if they had any ideas.  Jason said he his boss had a camper satellite that was a portable automatic satellite.  He said it’d find the channels and signals itself. I decided to check it out.  I read a lot of stuff on the internet and found out that a lot of people like the Winegard Carryout.  It finds the signals on it’s own.  All you gotta do is plug it in.  There’s no remotes or controls to adjust.  It just plugs and goes.  My next step was to try one that I could actually afford.  I browsed the web and check out a lot of adds.  The cheapest Winegard Carryout Satellite that I could find was on Camper Parts World website, which is wholesale price.  I took a gamble and bought one.  Ship time was super fast. I got it in 2 days.  We took it out on our next camping trip  to try it out.  My wife brought along some DVDs just in case.  I followed the instructions and plugged it in.  That’s all it took.  I can honestly say that the Winegard Carryout is a 100% fully portable automatic satellite.  Reception was outstanding! No work involved.  I’d recommend anyone looking for a camper satellite or RV antenna to buy a Winegard Carryout portable automatic satellite from Camper Parts World.  They have any kind of RV satellite or camper antenna you could want.

Luke, Texas

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