RV Refrigerator

My family and I, along with the in laws! We all decided we would go on a RV trip. At the last minute, the in-laws decided to go.  Needless to say I was not happy with that decision, but didn’t have a choice.  So we left from Kentucky to go to the Rockies. I knew this trip would be bad. My mother in law is the type to gripe about everything. I love my mother in law but guys we all know how they are!  So on the way there she begins her griping. The first thing was the carpet was not clean. We finally got to the camp ground. Of course the place was packed! So once again the in law who we should not have to mention at this time, begins what she does best. This time its about the RV refrigerator. My camper refrigerator is very old and the ice maker does not work. So we all had to go the store to get ice to shut her up. I did understand her point. It was really hot and having to leave to get ice was a inconvenience. I was a middle class guy I did not have $4000 extra to spend on a new RV refrigerator! I wondered where I could find on at a reasonable price and a brand I trust. So I was talking to my neighbor who loves to camp and he is always buying new RV parts. He said to go on the internet to a website called RV Parts Country. I went on the website to browse around. I found a huge selection of camper refrigerators. I found a great deal on a new Dometic RV refrigerator. It was the newest and most efficient camper refrigerator on the market!!  It was so cheap! I was very pleased with this website and their customer support. I bet my mother in law will not have anything to say about this Dometic RV refrigerator! Thank you RV Parts Country

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