RV Camping Tips from Big Daddy RV's

Check out these RV Camping Tips

  • Tires Inspect your tires and

check the air pressure. Look for

cracking in the sidewalls, faded

areas from excessive sunlight and

worn or unevenly worn tread.

Check the air pressure in the


• Jack Double-check to make sure

you have a jack for your RV and

the correct size lug wrench.

• RV Bearings Have your RV’s

bearings inspected.

• Lights Check the lights. Hook

you your towing vehicle and

make sure the brake lights, tail

lights and turn signals work. Buy

a few spare bulbs and keep them

in your RV.

• Ground wire If none of your

lights are working, check the

ground wire. It may have gotten

corroded and is not making good


• Fuses Buy extra fuses. Keep

them in a handy place. If

something isn’t working, the fuse

is the first thing you should

check. If your RV repeatedly

blows fuses, you probably have a

wiring problem. Have it checked

at an RV shop.

Remember Big Daddy RV’s has a state of the art Prep and Service Center!

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