Roof Damage

I am shocked at the destruction from Hurricane Sandy! Although I don’t live in the area that got the most damage, my area still got hurt.  The strong wind and rain did a lot of damage. Downed power lines and trees were everywhere. Flooding was horrible. Needless to say, my house was on the top of the list of my concerns. Luckily, I only had a few shingles blown off and a few limbs down.  Nothing major, thank God.  My camper, on the other hand was not so lucky.  After making sure my family and friends were o.k., we drove down to check on our RV at the campground.  It had a huge tree right on top of the camper roof!  My husband and his friends got the tree of the RV roof and luckily it wasn’t as bad as it looked, just some minor holes in the rubber roof that allowed some rain to leak through to the inside of the camper.  He had ordered some camper parts before from RV Parts so he knew exactly where to go to get the best deal on RV rubber roof repair. He bought a rubber roof repair kit to patch it and some sealant,  but he also decided that later on when the weather warms up he’s going to replace the entire camper rubber roof. I know Hurricane Sandy has done some major damage in some areas and even cost some people their lives. I’m very grateful all we had was some minor RV rubber roof damage. Now, we’ve got the camper roof repaired and are looking forward to taking our camper and traveling on  vacation in December to see some Holiday decorations. I know that if we have anymore emergencies, we can depend RV Parts for fast service at fair prices. Stay safe out there!

Margret, Virgina

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