Honda RV Generator

I recently bought a used camper from Big Daddy Rvs.  I am absolutely thrilled with it, but being an older used travel trailer, it didn’t have a generator.  I knew having a generator is a must have when using the camper.  I didn’t have a whole lot of money to spend and I wanted to make sure I could get the most for my money.  My salesman recommended I check out RV Parts He said they are the cheapest RV parts place guaranteed.  I went on the website RV Parts I was surprised to see they had a huge selection of generators.  At first I was going to buy the smallest one.  Then when I found out about Hurricane Sandy, I got to thinking that winter is coming up fast and it’d be handy to have a generator that I could use at home too.  I decided to get a big one. I called and one of the customer service people told me I can get two Honda EU2000I generators and a parallel cable kit to add up to 4000 watts of power.  I was very impressed that they had free same day shipping.  I got the Honda generators and the parallel cable kit in only three days. Now, not only can I go camping and know my RV generator will run the whole camper, but I also know that no matter what the winter weather brings I will still have heat and power.  I don’t even have to worry about the summer storms and tornadoes knocking down power lines anymore. It was definitely worth the money! A buddy of mine found out what a good deal I got on the RV generator and he also bought two. He got two Powerhouse 2100I generators and a parallel cable kit for 4200 watts of total power. He got his in only 2 days.  Thanks RV Parts for the great deal on the camper generators and the peace of mind!

Carl, Oklahoma

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