Flagstaff 8528BHWS at Big Daddy RV's

Me and my wife are retired and we wanted a camper that we could tour the country in.  She had her heart set on a Flagstaff 8528BHWS.  I told her if she could find one at a reasonable price I would be more than happy to buy her one.  Now honestly I didn’t think she was going to find us a Flagstaff 8528BHWS for any less than our local dealer and he just wanted to much.  I had money saved up and I didn’t want to have to finance a camper.  I wanted to pay cash.  I found a few wholesale RV places that would give me a pretty good deal but I had to finace with them and if I did finace this Flagstaff 8528BHWS I couldn’t pay it off for a year which means I was paying interest for nothing, like I said I wanted to pay cash.

So she found big daddy rvs.  She was so excited when she brought me a piece of paper in with a contact name and number for Big Daddy RVs.  I called Brian and we began to talk about the Flagstaff 8528BHWS.  He blew me away with the price.  I said ok what’s the gimic, how am I getting this price on the Flagstaff 8528BHWS so low, do I have to finance with you?  He assured me that they didn’t do that, if I wanted to pay cash, then I could.

So long story short my wife got her Flagstaff 8528BHWS and I was happy, well I was extatic with Big Daddy RV’s sales staff!  My wife and I are out touring the great USA in our Flagstaff 8528BHWS and enjoying every minute!

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