Campers for sale in Texas

Camping is the most relaxing thing in my life.  I work 50 plus hrs. per weeks and almost every weekend in the summer I am set up at my local camp ground.  The smell of a camp fire takes me back to my childhood.  My wife and children were getting a little cramped in our old camper so we decided to sell it and look for a new camper for sale.  Here in Texas we have a lot of camper dealers.  I wasn’t interested in their campers for sale.  I wanted something specific.  I had been trying to find my perfect camper for a few months.  It needed to have a master bedroom along with a separate bunk house for my kids.  I was referred to Big Daddy RV’s by a friend who had just purchased an camper from them.  I called the 800 number and talked to one of their sales professionals about campers for sale.  I thought that thy might have a Texas location because KY was pretty far from me.  After talking to the salesman for just a few minutes he said we have a camper for sale just for you.    He directed me to the website where I was able to find the camper he was referring to.  It was perfect!  A Coachmen Chaparral with a master bedroom and separate bunk house.  My wife and kids were very pleased with Big Daddy’s selection of campers for sale.  I then asked the question about a Texas location.  He told me that they would ship me a camper from their location in London KY to My home here in Texas for a small fee.  It was going to be a lot cheaper and easier for me to have them ship the camper here to Texas than for me to travel there.  I was very excited and so was my wife.  The camper arrived within 3 business days.  I had it set up and ready for my weekend camping trip.  I could not be happier with my camper!  If you are in Texas or any other state and are looking for a camper for sale, check out Big Daddy’s, you will not be disappointed!

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