Camper Hardware

I love my brother to death, but he’s got the brattiest kids I’ve ever seen.  He lets them run wild. Couple months ago, me and my wife decided to go on a family vacation before winter hit.  Bad mistake.  Of course when my brother found out, he had to horn in on the trip.  I wouldn’t have minded so much, had his kids have not gone too.  They were a disaster on legs.  They did a lot of damage to the camper. Nothing major, but just minor hardware stuff.  When they first got up to the camper, they went inside and jerked the door to close it, but didn’t unlatch it.  The entry door holder snapped right off.  Then they ran into the kitchen and started looking through the drawers.  They were jerking them completely out of the holders.  Broke ever drawer slide I had! They didn’t even bother picking up the drawers, they just left them on the floor.  Of course they didn’t stop there.  They even yanked my closet door open and broke the door latch!  Long story short, they pretty much broke every piece of camper hardware in the RV.  I was irate to say the least. My wife wouldn’t let me say anything to him though cause she was afraid it’d cause big uproar.  I didn’t have a lot of extra money to spend replacing the RV hardware, so I went to RV Parts Country website.  They had everything I needed and it was cheap.  I got the drawer slides, the entry door holder, door latches, and all the other camper parts those brats destroyed. What I liked too was I was able to get the parts fast.  I was able to get the camper parts and get it fixed before the cold winter weather hits.  I’ll tell you one thing though, that was the last trip I’ll ever take them on.


Eric, Florida






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