Camper Covers

My dad bought a brand new XLR Thunderbolt toy hauler from Big Daddy RVs.  He always worried about leaving his 4-wheeler and motorcycle out in the open when he’d go camping.  He was worried they’d get stolen or damaged from weather.  He knew if he got a toy hauler he could stick the 4-wheeler and motorcycle in the back and not have to worry about them getting stolen or damaged. One week during the summer we were hit with a string of storms.  He was glad he had got the toy hauler to protect his toys, but then he started worrying about the new toy hauler. He didn’t have a garage to put it in and couldn’t afford the expense of paying storage fees.  He also didn’t like the idea of not having the toy hauler close by where he could keep his eye on it, not to mention the hassle of trying to find a storage place that’s large enough to fit his toy hauler in.  My Grandfather has a classic Venetian Red 1957 corvette convertible Factory Airbox Fuelie that he treats like a baby. He has kept a car cover on it since he’s had it.   He told my dad, he should get a cover for his toy hauler.  My dad asked around and found out a lot of his buddies have camper covers, too.  So, after price shopping around, my dad decided to buy a Adco Designer Toy hauler cover from RV Parts  He got it cheap-only paid wholesale. The Adco toy hauler cover was 3 layers thick so he knew it’d be tough and last long.  Also, it was made for all climates so he could use it all year around. Now, he doesn’t have to worry about his toy hauler either.  He knows the Adco toy hauler cover will keep his new toy hauler safe from sun fading and weather damage.  There’s just one problem now.  My mom is complaining that my dad treats his new toy hauler better than her!

Thanks RV Parts,

Cody, California

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