Camper Awning

My wife gets on my last nerve.  She’s never happy with anything.  We just bought a camper, it’s used, but nice.  After she gets with her friends and they start yammering, she decides the RV awning on the camper isn’t good enough for her.  No, she’s gotta have a brand new camper awning.  She said the one on it wasn’t bright or pretty enough.  She also whined that it was a bad color.  She wanted blue like all her friends have. I knew to get her to shut up I’d have to spring for a new camper canopy.  I found RV Parts Country website a while back and looked on there for the awning fabrics.  They had a bunch to choose from.  They even had about any color you could think of. I didn’t know what brand camper awning we had on there and I didn’t want to buy new arms and all, I just needed new fabric.  I called RV Parts Country and they told me about a new Dometic  universal RV awning fabric. I couldn’t believe how cheap it was!  I was amazed that a Dometic replacement awning fabric could cost that little.  They even told me it had color on both sides.  The icing on the cake was that RV Parts Country had free shipping on all Dometic stuff.  Not only was I getting a steal on the replacement awning fabric, but I didn’t have to pay anything for them to ship it right to my house.   I was willing to pay that low price to get my wife off my back.  I ordered a blue RV awning replacement fabric, and we got in about 5 days.  My next worry though, was figuring out how to put on. I wasn’t bout to pay somebody  more than what the replacement awning fabric costed just to stick it on.  I was happy to see though that it had instructions with it.  I was able to put it on in only couple hours.  Now, for the minute anyways, my wife has finally stopped nagging.


Dustin, Arizona

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