Camper Air Conditioner

Me and my wife took our kids out on a short trip to see the fall colors.  We traveled through several states. Everything was going good until I went in a tunnel.  The tunnel was lower than my camper’s height clearance allowed.  It tore my RV air conditioner right off the roof! I thought it would cost a fortune to replace it so we decided to wait till this summer to fix it since it was getting close to winter and we wouldn’t be needing an air conditioner or using the camper very much.  After we got back home,  my sister laughed hysterically about what happened. When she finally calmed down, she told me about a great deal she got on a Dometic camper air conditioner from RV Parts  I still thought it’d be best to wait till summer to replace the RV air conditioner, but I checked out the website just to get an idea of what it was going to cost. I was relieved! They had Dometic RV air conditioners priced so low I couldn’t believe it! I called customer service cause I just knew something had to be wrong with the air conditioners. They assured me they were brand new and under warranty.  Not only that, but they also had the heat strips to go in the RV air conditioners. They even had free shipping on the Dometic camper air conditioners. I knew I couldn’t pass up such a good deal. I thought about getting a Dometic Penguin Low Profile RV Air Conditioner, but I bought a 15K Dometic Rv air conditioner and heat strip. Now, I’m thinking of taking a winter trip with the family.  I never thought such a disaster could have such a good result.  I was able to replace my camper air conditioner without spending a lot of money and with the heat strip I can use my RV even during the winter.


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