Camper RV Water Heater

For years now, I have camped without any hot water.  I have a camper water heater, but it just doesn’t work, and I can’t get parts for it cause it’s too old.  A broken hot water heater has not necessarily been a problem, but now I am retired and thinking about going on some long hunting trips.  A buddy of mine knows some hot Elk hunting spots.   The time of year it is, I know it’ll probably get cold up North, and a good hot shower feels mighty nice when you’re sitting out in the cold all day not moving.  I decided to spring for a hot water heater for my trip.  I called Camper Parts World, and they looked up which one I needed using my model number off my broken RV water heater.  They had it priced cheap at working man prices,  and the girl I spoke to on the phone was very nice. I usually call these places an order from some city slicker, but I could tell we’re from the same origin.  Camper Parts World got the RV water heater ordered for me and I got in just a few days.  I stuck the water heater in myself, and it works great.  I can’t wait to get out there and get me a big Elk.  Now, I’ll have a nice, hot shower waiting on me when I get done.

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